The facility has 4 storage tanks with a capacity of 114,000 l for storing vegetable oil, pipes, valves, pumps, a mass flow meter and a control panel to govern the entire facility.

With a total height of 16m and supported on a concrete bench, said equipment has venting, maximum and minimum level sensors, leak sensor, buoy level, control panel with oval door, thermometer, 4 samplers at different heights.

The pipeline installation has two collectors for the 4 tanks, through which loading and unloading can be carried out. For the discharge, we equip the installation with a mass flow meter which is capable of calculating the density of the product and readjusting the parameters to measure the product with great precision.

Two 25,000 l / h vane pumps have been installed to transport the product, which work at low revolutions and in this way the product is gently treated, thus avoiding possible emulsions.