The unloading of bags poses problems such as air pollution, undesirable spillage and non-ergonomic positions of the operators.

Our bag unloaders are made from tough materials that support all sizes and styles of bulk bags. They have a suitable height for the operator and their design is compatible with various unloading systems (gravity, mechanical transport, pneumatic transport).


  • Materials: carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Robust and compact design
  • Available with filter or pre-equipped for a centralized dust removal system
  • They incorporate a sieve that vibrates with rotary movement, totally made of stainless steel and with mesh of various sizes
  • Few components (few spare parts required)
  • Easy access to all parts of the equipment
  • Low noise due to the use of high-strength polymers
  • Quick and easy replacement of filter elements
  • Versatility in the size of handle bags

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