More and more companies include CIP cleaning systems in their process lines, since cleaning in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries has become, today, a key factor for improving quality in the production of any type of product. The benefits of a CIP washing system are many:

Have a C.I.P. It saves water, since the necessary consumption is adjusted according to the designed program and the times of each phase, spending the same amount for each tank that is cleaned.
It saves detergent (soda or acid), it allows the recovery of a large part of the cleaning solution since it does not pour into the drain and several tanks can be washed with the same detergent solution.
It reduces the risk of accidents, in the case of handling the concentrated product, since the dosage is done by means of a pump.
It guarantees the cleaning with the precise duration of each of the washing phases.

All this allows the optimization of the process saving costs and carrying out an efficient cleaning of the equipment.

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