CONVEYOR BELTS: Mechanisms used for horizontally carrying or handling of bulk materials.

They allow the transport of materials over long distances
They adapt to the terrain
They have a large transport capacity
They allow transporting a wide variety of materials
Loading and unloading is possible at any point along the route
Can be scrolled
Does not alter the transported product
Absence of fast wear joints

AUGERS: The transport of the product is produced by the effect of an endless spiral that rotates on its axis inside a tubular or channel sleeve. They can be positioned with a certain inclination.

Small diameter, high efficiency, high throughput
Modular design offering a wide variety of options suitable for numerous applications
Easy installation
Long durability

BUCKET ELEVATORS: Mechanisms that are used for vertically carrying or handling bulk materials.

High transport heights
Wear resistance
High temperature bulk transport
Special versions for ATEX or similar requirements regarding explosion protection (on request)

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