There are different phases depending on the concentration of solids in the air:

  • Dense
  • Diluted
  • Semi-dense

Each system has its own characteristics in terms of pressure, transport speed, efficiency and results. Since each product reacts differently under similar conditions, it is essentially important to compare the characteristics of the system with the product to be transported, in order to achieve the most desirable transport behaviors and achieve the best performance for our customer.


  • Effective for saving energy and labor.
  • Flexible in design, adaptable to installations with reduced spaces.
  • Easy to install, with minimal interruptions in running plants.
  • Clean, since the product is within the transport system totally isolated from the environment.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Internal movement of products by pneumatic transport system.
  • With pneumatic transport we can transport product over long distances.
  • Movement of products through totally watertight elements, eliminating any spillage of dust or contamination.
  • Reduction of human effort.
  • Versatility in transport.
  • Great use of space. The set of conveyor belts can be reduced to a simple pipe.

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